Peter and Marijke Perlee

They won't settle for anything less than a 100%. Peter and Marijke Perlee's stable breathes perfection, which is reflected in their accommodation, the maintenance of the material and their way of training. At Perlee Stables, absolutely everything is aimed to get the best out of the horses.

It begins, as these two perfectionists buy young horses with a clear potential for the higher exercises and possessing three excellent basic paces, as well as a good character.

Peter and Marijke met at the Landelijke Rijvereniging 'De Venneper Ruiters' in Hoofddorp. At the time, Marijke was working as a managing secretary and had just become the proud owner of her first horse. Although she was clearly infected with the horse virus from her early age on, she did not manage to ride more than once a week at the riding school until she started working. With the acquisition of her own horse Roderick, today's solid basis was founded. Roderick reached a proud age of 32 years.

As for Peter, he also began riding at the riding school with a ten lesson ticket. A year later, he shared his own pony with his brother and sister. Back then, Peter knew instinctively how to get the best out of his pony. He was eager to share his knowledge with his siblings, who's enthusiasm was somehow restraint. His talent had not gone unnoticed and it is thanks to his instructor that he met Piet Oothout. After middle school, Peter spent ten years working with this great master and a source of inspiration. His classical approach to the art of riding is the foundation of Peter's present expertise. Peter established his own stable in Abcoude, including ten boarder horses and two horses for training and sale. He later moved to Soest, where he improved his riding quality by mounting ten to twelve horses daily and giving an endless amount of lessons.

In 1991, an occasion surged which needed a quick decision, as the facilities in Maartensdijk became for sale. Due to Marjolein Greeve's (Olympic Games 1976 with Lucky Boy) helping hand, within three days, Peter and Marijke became the proud owners of the beautiful installations located at the Planetenlaan. Ever since, Perlee Stables never stopped growing and earned international renown. The first horses were sold to England and Peter gave after sales instructions there. Meanwhile the horses are being sold worldwide. In this sense, Peter is travelling around Europe, South Africa, America, Canada and Mexico on a regular basis, in order to help people there to get the most out of their horse.

If you too are looking for the best, you are most welcome!